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SX2 Scanning Couch, taking the back work out of Ultrasound Scans

SX2 Scanning Couch, taking the back work out of Ultrasound Scans

March 20, 2019

Industry feedback has lead to the design of the SX2 Ultrasound Trolley to improve WH&S whilst maintaining a comfortable working position for both the sonographer and patient.

Issues that sonographers were experiencing included  assisting patients to get on  or  off the scanning couch, particularly when they are laying flat. Also unlocking mechanical brake locks in order to move the couch was proving to be a problem. This included using their toes to kick brake tabs to unlock or having to press down hard on levels to engage mechanical central locking,  this can be quite difficult particularly when their is a patient on the couch which can lead to W,H&S concerns.

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Healthtec Medical & Rehabilitation Products at InterAktiv Health

October 31, 2018

'We design treatment table solutions for Therapists, Practitioners and Surgeons with the highest quality products and service so you can be rest assured a piece of equipment from Healthtec™ is a worthy investment for your business.'
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