McKenzie Lumbar Rolls

McKenzie Lumbar Roll Back Cushions

The Original McKenzie® Round Lumbar Roll was the first-ever lumbar roll to be made in the world! Robin McKenzie tried in vain to find a cushion for his patients which would provide sufficient lumbar support to help them remain pain-free. In 1968 he designed the Original McKenzie Round Lumbar Roll and his wife, Joy, started making them on their kitchen table.

The current Original McKenzie Round Lumbar Roll is a development of the 1968 prototype and is the lumbar support of choice for sports personalities today, including global NBA icon LeBron James. This Round roll compresses easily whilst still providing essential medium-firm support.  It suits larger framed people and those with a pronounced lumbar lordosis (hollow in the low back).  It provides essential support especially when sitting on softer furnishings like a sofa or armchair where often there is minimal built-in back support.  They also provide excellent lumbar support when sitting in bed.