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Where are you located? We are located at 17/ 5 Vuko Place Warriewood, NSW 2102 on Sydney's Northern Beached.

Do you have other store locations?No, as a wholesaler we only operate out of one location.

How can I place my order? You can call us on 1300 720 912, e-mail to or online

Can I Collect My Order? Yes you can collect your order by prior arrangement.

What hours are your open?  Our trading hours are Monday - Friday. 8:30-5pm 

What is your methods of Payment?  We accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Direct Deposit. On large capital purchases we can introduce you to equipment Leasing brokers if required. 

Is there a minimum order quantity? No we have no minimum order.   

What is the Delivery Time?   Please allow 5 - 7 working days for delivery Australia wide. Some of our items are made to order or built to a custom configuration so additional time is required for those items. Please ask at time of order.

What is the Delivery Cost?  This will vary on size and type of product ordered and the delivery location. Please contact us for any enquiries.

What is your warranty policy? Items are warranted for a minimum of 12-months. Manufacturers warranty apply in other cases. In cases where the manufacturer includes a warranty card or extended warranty periods, contact the manufacturer directly for complete details.

What is your Returns Policy?  Please click on the returns & refunds link for information.

FAQ's of  SUECOS Clogs & Shoes

HOW LONG WILL MY SHOES LAST ?:    Lifespan of footwear is directly linked to the you walk and how well you take care of them. When your sole is flat, and has no texture, it means it is time for a new pair of Suecos shoes

HOW DO I TAKE CARE OF MY SUECOS ?:  For cleaning, hand wash them with warm water and soap. Air dry, or dry with a cloth. Do not expose to temperatures greater than 50degC, or place them near heat sources, as they could be deformed and loose quality.

CAN MY SUECOS BE STERILIZED ?: Yes they can by using chemical sterilising agents. For Print Pattern Clogs it's best to test a small are with the sterilising chemical to ensure the Pattern doesn't run. 

WHAT ARE SUECOS MADE OF ?:  Suecos are made of X-Cell, a form of EVA material, which is a kind of synthetic rubber that is latex free. It is soft, waterproof, very light, flexible, antibacterial, shock - absorbent and easily moulds to the feet.

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