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How to Choose the right Clog

You wouldn’t wear a swimsuit to a formal gala, would you? Then why would you wear the wrong kind of shoes to work? Here at Suecos®, we understand that every profession needs a different type of footwear. Whether you’re a nurse, a chef, a beautician or you just simply need some comfort after your workout, we are here to help you pick the perfect kind of shoe for your particular needs.

All of our shoes comply with the market and workplace requirements. They all are antibacterial, hygienic, sterilisable and easy to clean. Our EVA is firmer than most in the market, giving the feet more support for those who have to be standing for long periods of time. Our main goal at Suecos® is to take care of your health and your feet; our central concern is that your legs, knees and back are feeling as great as your feet do, and that’s why we put so much care into orthopaedic research and development in all of our shoe models.

However, if you’re feeling a bit confused and you feel you need some assistance picking out the perfect kind of shoes for you and your profession, we’ve stepped in and developed a simple chart to help you choose.

Our toughest model to date, this shoe is for hardcore professionals. 

Recommended specially for professionals in the Hostelery, Restaurant and Cleaning area.

·Thor has more protection because of its reinforced and hardened material: Nothing can go through it.
·Anti-slip rubber sole for more grip.
·Extra resistance for greasy and wet floors.

Oden is the answer to all your prayers if what you’re looking for is orthopaedic comfort.
Especially designed with nurses and healthcare professionals in mind, we’ve developed this model with a higher heel, for those who need more support around the back and knees.
· Our slimmer design offers more stability while working. · This model is open in the back for an easier “slip-in and slip-out” experience.
· Dotted sole for an ongoing all-day foot massage.
· Air ventilation holes are guarded so that liquids don’t penetrate the shoe.
· Rubber sole for a firmer grip.
· Large variety of colours for the bold and daring professional.  

Skoll is our do-all model. Designed especially for professionals who need a good fit and comfort, but who don’t necessarily work on slippery surfaces.
Good for beauticians, nurses, dentists, and professionals in the Leisure Industry.
·All made from EVA foam, it gives a lighter, softer feel to the feet.
·Its ergonomic design offers great stability to the feet.
· Closed design that makes it harder for liquid to get inside the shoe.


HOW LONG WILL MY SHOES LAST ?:    Lifespan of footwear is directly linked to the you walk and how well you take care of them. When your sole is flat, and has no texture, it means it is time for a new pair of Suecos shoes

HOW DO I TAKE CARE OF MY SUECOS ?:  For cleaning, hand wash them with warm water and soap. Air dry, or dry with a cloth. Do not expose to temperatures greater than 50degC, or place them near heat sources, as they could be deformed and loose quality.

CAN MY SUECOS BE STERILISED?:   Yes they can by using chemical sterilising agents. For Print Pattern Clogs it's best to test a small are with the sterilising chemical to ensure the Pattern doesn't run. 


WHAT ARE SUECOS MADE OF ?:  Suecos are made of X-Cell, a form of EVA material, which is a kind of synthetic rubber that is latex free. It is soft, waterproof, very light, flexible, antibacterial, shock - absorbent and easily moulds to the feet.



If you order the incorrect size,  you can return your order.  Please click on the returns & refunds link below for information.


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