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MyLab Gamma Ultrasound


MyLab™Gamma: A World without Boundaries with Smart Portable Ultrasound.

MyLab™Gamma sets ultrasound free bringing superb quality imaging and fast, accurate diagnosis to the Point-of-Care in any situation – wherever and whenever.

MyLab™Gamma is a best in class, highly-portable, ‘green’ ultrasound system. Based on Esaote’s productivity-oriented operating platform, the super-light, feature packed portable system sets ultrasound free to be used in any environment at a moment’s notice, from Point-of-Care to Shared Service solutions.

As a recognised leader in ergonomics and design lead simplicity, Esaote has engineered the MyLab™Gamma to meet the rigorous demands of the sonographer’s working environment, particularly those using ultrasound systems for many hours a day, without compromising diagnostic confidence.


From Point-of-Care to Shared Service Solutions, Delivering Affordable Productivity, Efficiency, Value

Incorporating high resolution imaging, advanced technologies, and supporting a range of probes, MyLab™Gamma is an optimal ultrasound solution for cardiovascular and a range of other applications.

High on vision, low on noise and ‘green’ ultrasound systems with remote service capabilities improve user comfort and quality of the working environment.

Mobile Services

MyLab™Gamma is battery operated, which makes it an extremely mobile system that can be easily shared between different departments within a clinic or hospital. It can also be brought on-site without any problem. Thanks to its quick boot-time and stand-by operating mode, the scanner is ready to use within seconds.

       Mylab_gamma             .            Mylab_gamma_10

Cardiovascular Imaging

For Cardiovascular applications, MyLab™Gamma is equipped with comprehensive cardiac and vascular ultrasound packages, and provides excellent image quality in a very compact size. Advanced tools ( QIMT, XStrain™(*), TEE Probe, Post Processing, Wireless connectivity - customisable measurements and flexible configuration - coupled with a tailored reporting package - make MyLab™Gamma the complete solution for cardiovascular scanning in the clinic and on the move.


Gamma_Cardio MyLab_Gamma_2


By combining XStrain™ analysis of standard apical views (2Ch, 4Ch, Alax), XStrain4D provides complete volumetric assessment of left ventricle. Global and regional curves as well as strain-strain rate and volume measurements are easily and quickly displayed (*).


RF QIMT (Quality Intima Media Thickness) is based on the innovative Esaote’s RF-data technology. Accuracy, ease of use, real-time feedback, graphs and report are part of this innovative package for early diagnosis clinical practice.


General Imaging/Women’s Health

MyLab™Gamma’s is also well-suited to General Imaging applications. The latest imaging processing technologies (XView and MView), portability and high-level of automation, help reduce exam times and increase diagnostic capabilities.

The wide range of available transducers allows the user to choose the best probe for every radiology examination. The convex and endocavity probe provide excellent image quality within the Women’s Health application, whereas the 3D probe can also be used during a standard examination.

For Ob-Gyn applications the system offers both Bi and Tri-dimensional outstanding image quality, thanks to the most updated rendering methods. For Musculoskeletal applications, MyLab™Gamma provides 18MHz quality imaging and panoramic imaging.


Optimal Solution for a Range of Applications

Point-of-Care: With MyLab™Gamma, ultrasound can be effortlessly brought to the Point-of-Care. High level automations and ergonomics improve workflow and reduce exam’s time.

Anasthesiology: Anaesthesia is a medical intervention for which ultrasound can be easily used. MyLab™Gamma perfectly suits this application, offering outstanding quality in superficial districts, thanks to 18 MHz imaging.

Emergency/Critical Care: MyLab™Gamma offers great advantages and clinical benefits for simple daily interventional procedures as well as for complex patient conditions. Emergency and critical care physicians will be able to deliver extremely high quality ultrasound scanning with this system.


Needle Enhancement

An enhanced and clear image of the target area during intervention procedures. The technology enables users to visualise the target structures and needle in order to automate the entire procedure. The advantage is an increased accuracy of intervention procedures due to real-time imaging: this leads to an improved workflow, biopsy confidence and greater patient comfort.

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