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Shoe Size Chart

  1. When ordering please reference European sizing, if in doubt measure your foot from the heel to your longest toe, and use the SHOE LENGTH (CM) guide to find your size. 
  2. Remember to give your self some extra toe room when measuring.
  3. Our shoes & clogs don't come in 1/2 sizes, we recommend to go up a size.
  4. If in doubt, you will see a foot measurement guide to help reference your size.
  5. Also remember, each brand may differ slight in size, so your existing shoe size is not an exact comparison, please check carefully.


Did you know that 9 in 10 women wear shoes that are too small !

Proper selection of size and fitting are essential. This is why we have put together 12 tips to help you choose your  size correctly.

  1. Use our conversion chart to select the right shoe size according to your region. Start off with the size that you would normally wear. 
  2. If you pick a model that comes with an insole, choose one size bigger. Remember that insoles affect the way a shoe fits: for example our model comes with an insole and therefore has a smaller fitting than other models. Always get one size bigger if you will need an insole!
  3. If you are in between sizes, we recommend taking the bigger size rather than the smaller size. (For example if yours is EUR 37.5, get EUR 38)
  4. When trying new shoes, make sure to wear the same type of socks that you will usually wear in these shoes.
  5. Consider that your shoes should always be one thumb’s width longer than your longest toe while standing.
  6. When standing, wiggle your toes to check if there is enough space in the shoes.
  7. Avoid buying shoes that are too small. Don’t think that they will change: they won’t expand over time!
  8. Bear in mind that your feet continue growing as you get older, so your size might change.
  9. Normally your feet are at their largest in the evening, so we always recommend trying new shoes towards the end of the day.
  10. All our models have been designed following the standards for professional use in working environments. Therefore the first premise is to provide safety and stability for your feet. To achieve this, the security strap gives great support when worn at the heel. The strap will stretch over time.
  11. If you suffer any foot condition, please let our sales staff  know and they will help you select the best option for you.
  12. Best tip to ensure a perfect fit: TRY THEM ON! Walk for a bit in both shoes. Do you feel the extraordinary comfort?
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