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Why Choose SUECOS®


Suecos® is a professional footwear brand developed with the modern professional in mind. Whether you are a nurse, chef, waitress, doctor, hotel worker, cleaning lady, office worker, bartender, pharmacist, or simply any worker who needs functionality and comfort at their work, Suecos® has been developed for you. We take pride in designing footwear that emphasises the anatomy of the feet to give your back and joints astounding pain relief. Plenty of research and various tests are constantly conducted on the clogs we produce. Even after the production stage, all models go through a review phase to ensure that only top-notch quality reaches our end consumer. As a result we continue to match and even exceed the highest of certifications in the industry, all while constantly receiving immensely positive feedback from our valued consumers.                                             

Why Are Suecos Good For You: 



Technology & Certifications

Suecos®, technically speaking, is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of injection molded footwear made from technically advanced closed cell polymer foam. To produce Suecos® clogs, we use X-cell™*, a material developed by our own company. It is a technologically advanced material, based in EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) which offers infinite possibilities. The X-cell™ material meets current legal and recommended requirements for harmlessness of chemical substances, according to chemical analysis done by the TÜV Institute in Germany. X-cell™ provides the shoes with many exceptional qualities:


We proudly meet, and even exceed, most of the industry's standards, as is illustrated by the table below:


Suecos Distributor Map

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