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Dental Scaler, Ultrasonic P5L with GUIDE LIGHT

The P5L has a LED Light Guide at the tip of the hand piece,   to make it easy to see inside the patients mouth. 

  • The P5L's piezoelectric unit ensures that the machine always works on steady power, high efficiency and generates little heat.
  • Detachable hand-piece, can be autoclaved at 135 deg C
  • Digitally controlled, automatic frequency tracking ensures that the machine always works on the best frequency allowing consistant operation
  • The scaling tip is made of high strength alloy material. The atomized spraying design forms the cavitations and in conditions of water it will form oxygenated water to release the new eco-pure oxygen, which can efficiently inhibit periodontal diseases.
  • The design automatic amplitude compensation function reduces patient discomfort
  • Ergonomic design of hand-piece makes it easy for long periods of operation
  • The P5L's hand piece cable is made of imported silica gel tube, soft and durable
  • A wide range power settings offers more convenience of operation
  • 2.2kg net weight
  • Designed to work from a gravity feed water source, can be use with either normal or sterile water bags or containers.


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