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Diagnostic Sets-Riester VET I Deluxe Set

Riester Vet I Deluxe Set


Set includes

  • ri-scope operating otoscope with slot,
  • ri-scope® ophthalmoscope L1,
  • ri-scope F.O Nasal Speculum
  • ri-scope Tongue Blade Holder
  • Ultra white, bright, XL 3.5V xenon bulb.
  • C Type handle with rheostat finger -tip brightness control, metal and impact resistant plastic construction for extended service life.
  • Metal Specula:
    • Closed: 4mm x 83mm, 5mm x 62mm, 6mm x 82mm
    • Slotted: 7.5mm x 68mm, 9.4mm x 92mm
  • Li-Ion Batteries
  • Three Spare Bulb

Cat# RI3867


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