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FarmScan L80 Linear Ultrasound Scanner

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Simple Touch to Save Time

FarmScan L80’s,is similar to the FarmScan L60 yet includes a  larger 7" TFT,LCD t ouch-screen which is highly durable and helps to improve work efficiency, also important imaging parameters can be automatically optimised with the touch of a button, maximizing the efficiency of diagnosis workflow.

Picture Perfect Vision

The highest levels of accuracy and efficiency in diagnosis are possible with FarmScan L80, providing clearer imaging with an innovative noise reduction filter.

IFR™ Probe Introducer

Probe Introducer enables fast and accurate diagnosis for an optimise on-farm workflow which allows you to provide animals with increased safety during diagnosis. This leads to enhanced veterinarians confidence and an improved diagnosis experience.

I-Scan® Ultrasound Goggle professional your L80

I-Scan® is ideal for FarmScan ultrasound machines. Every veterinarian should own this. You can see the image in bright sunlight or dark situations when I-Scan® is worn on your head and allows you to see the ultrasound image in front of your eyes.

Optional Probes:



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