Forehead Thermometer Non Contact Infrared Hetaida


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Non-contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer


The Hetaida infrared forehead thermometer is a reusable, hand held, non contact thermometer that measures human body temperature on the forehead.

  • 1 second reading,
  • 0.2 degree accuracy,
  • 3 colour display for easy identification of fever

The Hetaida Non Contact Infrared Body Thermometers are designed to be used for intermittent measurement and monitoring of human body temperature in the home and primary care setting as a screening tool.

The forehead thermometer works when ambient temperature is between 5°C & 40°C & the relative humidity is less than 93%.

Non contact infrared forehead thermometers


Not only can the thermometer measure body temperature, but it can also measure the surface temperature:

  • room,
  • bath water,
  • food
  • baby milk etc



  • Ambient temperature: 15-35°C / Relative Humidity: < 85%
  • Heat balance time: 30 Minutes
  • Measuring distance: 1 - 5 cm
  • Measure accuracy: + 0.2°C
  • Measure time: < 2 seconds
  • Automatic power off: < 18 seconds
  • Body Mode: 34 - 42.9°C
  • Heat balance time: 30 Minutes
  • Surface Mode: 0 - 100°C
  • Automatic memory: 50 Groups
  • Product weight (without batteries): 90g
  • Product size: 138mm L x 95mm W x 40mm H 

ARTG 321670

** Batteries not included