Rediwipe Isopropyl Wipes -12 Canisters/Carton

$59.95 AUD 
(GST Included)


Elevate your cleaning routine with Rediwipe Isopropyl Wipes. Each carton contains 12 canisters of strong, non-woven cloth wipes pre-moistened with a 70% Isopropyl solution. Expertly formulated for disinfecting hard surfaces, these wipes provide fast and effective results. Keep your space clean and safe with this convenient and powerful product.

Isopropyl Pre-moistened Disinfectant Cloth Wipes Carton of 12 Canisters

A premixed solution (70% Isopropyl) moistens a strong non woven cloth

 The solution is an effective disinfectant on hard  clean surfaces

 Rediwipe Isopropyl details

  • Colour : White
  • Material : Non Woven
  • Sheet Size :14.3 x 31.5 cm
  • Canister 100 wipes

Available in:

  • Carton 12 Canisters