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ReTurn 7500 Romedic Standing Aid

The Romedic ReTurn 7500 is a standing aid consists of an upright steel frame mounted on a mobile platform. Used by an attendant, a person can be easily transferred into a standing position from one seat to another over short distances. The frame has a handgrip bar and knee supports. The foot platform has six wheels. An optional belt can be used to assist the occupant into a standing position. 

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* The ReTurn transfer device is used to lift or transfer a person between chair / bed/ or toilet using a pivoting action 

* The user needs to have sufficient upper limb strength to grasp the central grip area and pull themselves up
* Foam padded knee pads are mounted to the uprights and are height and angle adjustable
* The ReTurn has two foot activated brakes to secured into position before the person attempts to stand up.
* The ReTurn can be separates into two parts for easy storage or transportation
* The optional Return belt assists the attendant to lift the person's bottom up from a chair or bed. The belt features a hook and loop fastener, an additional clasp to tighten around the user's hips, and handles on either side. It sits around the hips and the attendant uses the hand holds to grip and pull as the person starts to stand.



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