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Diagnostic Set-Reister VET I Otoscope Set

Riester Vet I Optoscope Set


Operating Otoscope with Slot

Ultra white, bright, XL 3.5V xenon bulb.

Swivel lense with 2.5X magnification.

Open head design for unhindered use during examination and operation.

Bayonet fitting for fast and secure attachment to the handle.

C Type handle with rheostat finger -tip brightness control, metal and impact resistant plastic construction for extended service life.

Metal Specula:

Closed: 4mm x 83mm, 5mm x 62mm, 6mm x 82mm

Slotted: 7.5mm x 68mm, 9.4mm x 92mm

Li-Ion Batteries

Spare Bulb

Cat# RI3852


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