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SkinTact MRI-ECG/EKG Electrodes

              PKT 50 Electrodes

SkinTact MRI Conditional ECG Electrodes indented for use in MRI are approved for up to 3.0 Telsa

Saves Time & Cost: If already in other departments, the SkinTact MRI electrodes can remain on the patient, and X-Ray or MRI procedures can be performed with needing to change the electrodes.

Tab n' Snap: The SkinTact MRI electrode are suitable for all ECG monitoring and 12 lead diagnostic procedures and can remain on the patient during ambulance, A&E, thought to ward.

Gel : Aqua-Wet
Backing, Foam

Adhesive: Enhanced

Dimensions: 32x46mm
Connector: Tab & Snap (offset, radiotranslucent)
Packing Standard: Packs of 50 electrodes

Code: A-FSWA10C




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