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Cominox 18B VLS Autoclave with USB & Software - COM18BVU

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Item Code: COM18BVU

Cominox VLS Autoclave with USB + Software ( Optional Printer)

Pre & Post Vacuum B Class unit designed to sterilise solid & hollow A & B loads. Simple functionality and ease of operation make using the Cominox B class an asset for any practice.

  • Type B, S and N sterilization cycles (EN 13060)
  • Manual or automatic water charge (optional)
  • Large graphic display
  • 19 electronic process controls
  • Automatic opening VLS (Vacuum Locking System) 
  • Cycles recording through SD Card (till 65.000)
  • Data transfer on PC through USB key
  • Automatic Start at User Set time (eg. 6:30am etc)
  • Rotating trays support (for 5 trays or 3 cassettes)

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