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Ultrasound, Esaote MyLab Touch

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 Esaote MyLab Touch -Multi-discipline Ultrasound system

MyLab Touch is a powerful, portable, shared services ultrasound system, which reflects perfectly today's need for diagnostic capabilities in many different fields and application.

Applications available:

General Imaging,
Women's Health,
Vascular screening
Sports Medicine
General Practice


  • 12" full touch screen, High resolution TFT LCD colour monitor.
  • Multi-Frequency probe range
  • Superior image quality
  • Portable, Hand-carriable or Trolley mounted.
  • TEI - Tissue Enhancement Imaging
  • TP -View - Trapezoidal- for enlarged field of view, specially in high frequency exams
  • MView - Compound Imaging ( Optional)
  • XView - Speckle Reduction Algorithm
  • Focus Touch Technology for faster image optimisation
  • Colour ( CFM)- available
  • PW Doppler with automatic Doppler Tracing- available
  • Diagnosis oriented workflow: easy, fast, and reliable access to diagnosis
  • Customisable clinical protocols
  • Fast start up time, long life integrated battery
  • Probe cable guide, dedicated sterile probe holder
  • multiple available configurations: arm-held, roll stand, articulated arm attachment, desk stand/docking station.
  • wireless networking for easy data sharing, storage and printing
  • remote archive, review, report, back-up
  • up to date connectivity and data management solutions (wireless, LAN, integrated database)
  • Windows and DICOM compatibility
  • MyLab Desk software package for image management solution on remote PC.


 Available Probes:

  • Convex - 3-7Mhz
  • Linear- 6-13Mhz
  • Linear - 3-11Mhz
  • Linear -6-18Mhz
  • Hi Freq Linear 15-22Mhz
  • Transvaginal 4-8Mhz
  • Phased Cardiac















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