Ultrasound Probe Covers, Latex 3.5 x 20cm


$181.50 AUD 
'GST Included'
SKU: C610-214

Conveniently packaged in individual perforated packets, the 3.5 x 20cm, a looser fitting rolled latex cover, provides protection from cross - contamination in all types of endocavity applications.

610-214 Sterile 3.5x20cm Bx 50, Individually packed,Looser-fitting rolled latex cover

610-010 Non-Sterile 3.5x20 Bx 50, Individually packed looser-fitting rolled latex cover

610-249 Non -Sterile loose fitting 3.5cmx 20cm Bx 100, cost effective bulk pack

610-262 Non-Sterile loose fitting 3.5x20cm Bx 500 cost effective bulk pack.