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Whiteley Diagnostic Pty Ltd


Vital Sign Monitor- Handheld

Durable, Compact, and LightWeight
Capnograph with Trends
SpO2 with Waveforms
Data Storage for up to 100 Patients;
72-Hour Data Storage for Each Patient
Wireless Data Transmission
Suitable for Adult, Pediatric and Neonate

Sp02 Specifications: Measurement Range: 0-100% Accuracy: +2% during 70%-100%, 0%-69% unspecified Pulse Rate: Measurement Range: 30 bpm- 250 bpm Accuracy: 1 bpm or ±2%

EtC02 Specifications:

Measurement Range: 0- 150mmHg

Resolution: 0.1 mmHg (0- 69)mmHg/

0.25mmHg (70-150 mmHg)


± 2mmHg (0- 40)mmHg

±5% (41 -70)mmHg

± 8% (7 1- 100)mmHg

± 10% (101-150)mmHg

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