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 Wisonic Piloter Ultrasound

Piloter is a specialised ultrasound unit, dedicated in each subdivision segment. With its extremely lightweight case, smart design and built-in customised workflow, Piloter provides more efficient and convenient experience for any clinical or mobile veterinary applications.


13.3-inch touch screen, horizontal or vertical display, height adjustable.

  • Sensitive capacitive touch-screen
  • Support surface liquid disinfection   
  • Horizontal or vertical transformable design

Wisonic Piloter Rotating Screen   


Versatile Application

A wide range of transducers covers full range of general applications, from large patient to pediatrics. An innovative middle line design along with project probe direction indicator, provide 
users best experience and accuracy.


Best in Detail Tissue Imaging

Piloter was built on Holo platform, which has 64-beam processing and achieves up to 5000 frames per second. Along with image fine tuning according to MSK and pain management request, Piloter is able to provide not only the whole field best in detail image quality but also highlight the display of bones, muscles and nerves.


Probe Buttons

  • 3 buttons
  • Corresponding function name display 
  • Remote control
  • Hockey Stick Probe - A dedicated probe for small joint and superficial, with very high frequency and lightweight design, it is a perfect tool for excellent detail imaging and able to be used in a limited space. 


wi-Needle Intelligent Needle Visualisation Technology

The most challenging work during procedure is always distinguishing the needle from tissue. Piloter answers this by providing a very intelligent wiNeedle feature. wiNeedle automatically recognizes the needle, then steersultrasound beam perpendicular to needle, and enhances the needle display.


Dedicated Imaging Settings for Pain Management

Wisonic Dedicated Pain management Setting



wi-Learn Education Centre

wiLearn in Piloter provides best-in-class learning experience via side by side comparison, covering from pain management to anesthesia, MSK etc… 
Piloter Education Librabry
Standard Features:
  •  13.3" Hi-Res LED Touch Screen, Multi-gesture, rotation-oriented Monitor
  • One Probe port
  • B/M/Colour Doppler Velocity/Power( DirPower)
  • HPRF
  • Harmonic Imaging
  • Spatial Compounding Imaging
  • Ultra-wide Steer Angle
  • Time- Spatial Speckle Suppression Imaging
  • One Key Optimisation imaging
  • FZoom Full Screen Mode/ Ultras-Simple Mode
  • Expandable 240G SSD w/ patient management system
  • HDMI, 3 x USB2.0, 1 x USB3.0
  • Wi-Fi
  • Internal battery + power supply.
  • wiLearning Professional Education Software
  • wiNeedle Intelligent Needle Enhance Visualisation
  • PW imaging
  • DICOM, Basic, Worklist, MPPS, QR
  • CW
  • Probe Extension ( 3 probes)
  • Trolley
  • Foldable Desk Stand.

Available Probes:

  • Convex C5-2B Probe with button control- 2-5Mhz
  • Convex C5-2 Probe - 2-5Mhz
  • Linear L15-4NB Probe with Button control 4-15Mhz
  • Linear L10-5 Probe - 5-10Mhz
  • Hockey Stick LH15-6 Linear Probe - 6-15Mhz
  • Phased P4-1 Probe -1-4Mhz
  • Phased Paediatric P7-3 Probe - 3-7Mhz
  • Micro-Convex C8-3 Probe- 3-8Mhz
  • Endo-cavity EV10-4 Probe - 4-10Mhz