Riester e-Scope Pocket Ophthalmoscope

$346.50 AUD 
(GST Included)
SKU: RI.2122-201

Riester e-Scope Ophthalmoscope

Avialable with 2.5 V halogen illumination or innovative 3.7 V LED illumination for higher contrast and improved diagnosis.

Dioptre disc with 18 corrective lenses (+/- 1,2,3,4,6,8,10,15 and 20 dioptres).

Easy to use aperature wheel with six different aperatures (fixation star, large circle, small circle, red free filter, blue filter, semi circle).

High performance optics with aspherical condensor lens.

Spectle protection.

Parallel optical path.

Dust protected.


Cat# RI2122-201 HL 2.5V - White

Cat# RI2123-201 HL 2.5V -Black

Cat# RI2122-203 LED 3.7v White

Cat# RI2123-203 LED 3.7v Black