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Otoscope- Riester e-Scope Pocket





Riester e-Scope otoscope are available with F.O Xenon or F.O LED illumination.

With the development of the Intergrated Power Converter( IPC), Riester have been able to revolutionise pocket instruments. The IPC inside the e-Scope converts conventional AA batteries into 3.7V required to power LEDs. As a result the e-Scope delivers optimum light quality in a compact economical instrument.

The e-Scope Fibre Optic (FO) is available in either an economically priced fibre optic version with 2.5V xenon (3200K) or innovative 3.7 V LED illumination (5500K).

The Fibre optics provides optimum focusing and guiding of the the light with unimpeded illumination with LED.


Cat# RI2110-202 XL 2.5v White

Cat# RI2111-202 XL 2.5v Black

Cat# RI2110-203 LED 3.7v White

Cat# RI2111-203 LED 3.7v Black



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