ULED Wall Mounted Procedure Lights


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LED Wall Mounted Procedure Lights

Planet ULED Examination Light Specifications
  • available in 23,000 lux( ULED) and 31,0000lux( ULEDplus)
  • Quick release head
  • Retro fit to UDP Planet Halogen Light mounts
  • IP64 light head shaped for easy cleaning/sterilisation
  • total power use 12W
  • low operational cost
  • no maintenance required
  • all metal construction for durability
  • Wall Mounting bracket.
  • large task area action zone ( ∅2100mm x 1850mm height adjustment)
  • minimum intrusion into the workspace
  • multi axis head rotation
  • light weight – less than 5kg including ceiling mounts.
  • designed and manufactured in Australia
  • complies with AS/NZ IEC60601-2-41 ( Medical electrical equipment – Particular requirements for safety – Surgical luminaires and luminaires for diagnosis)
  • prompt supply of spare parts, technical service and support
  • 5 year warranty

Idea for:

  • Close examination
  • Intensive care
  • Recovery rooms
  • General Practice
  • Out patient
  • Consultant rooms