Buy Beauty Therapy and Day Spa Furniture

Spa Tables

Are you looking for a spa table?

At InterAktiv Health, we have a huge selection of spa tables that are designed to be used by professional therapists. We have high-end spa tables and beauty beds in different sizes to suit the precise requirements of your setting. Our spa tables are durable and equipped with adjustable features so that you can extend the best possible experience to your clients. Our range of spa tables, are much more than just a piece of furniture and makes the ideal product for use by businesses during various treatments. If you are looking for a spa table, browse through our collection to discover the finest range.

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Beauty Tables and Beds

We believe that the right piece of furniture can make a significant difference during treatment sessions. We want to offer as many choices to our clients and have beauty tables and beds of varying heights for optimal comfort. When choosing a beauty tables and bed, the following factors require consideration:

  • Durability
  • Comfort Level
  • Cost effective
  • Adjustability

We have beauty tables and beds that are designed to enable you to provide top-notch service in your salon or spa business. Every aspect of the design is carefully planned, and we assure you that it will be a worthwhile investment.

Beauty Massage Tables

We have an expertly designed range of beauty massage tables to choose from. Our beauty massage tables can be easily transported and are built from the finest components to last. We have aesthetically pleasing options, and no matter the type of beauty massage table that you are looking for, we have you covered. Check out our premium-quality beauty massage tables for your wellness centre and discover the amazing flexibility to meet your client’s needs.

Electric Spa Table

We have an innovative range of electric spa tables for added comfort and convenience. We bring you the latest equipment for resort spas and wellness centres and are always in the process of adding new furniture pieces to our collection. Our electric spa tables are highly versatile and can be used for massages and other treatments. The long-lasting reliability and performance make our range the perfect choice to meet the needs of your clients.


What are the benefits of a massage table?

A massage table is a vital piece of equipment for wellness centres and is designed with an emphasis on ergonomics. Massage tables help the therapists position the height to offer a relaxing experience. There are different types of massage tables with key features for a comforting massage.

What are the different types of massage tables?

The two types of massage tables available are portable and stationary. Portable massage tables are lighter and can be easily transported, while stationary massage tables are constructed to be used in a permanent location.