Vulkan Hinged Knee Support Wrap

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VULKAN Hinged Knee Wrap,Beige

The Vulkan Hinged Knee Support is a wrap-around hinged knee support to prevent hyperextension. Open at the front design to fit post-surgery with controlled compression to control swelling. Latex free.

• Meniscus injuries; Mild to moderate instability of the knee joint.
• Mild to moderate sprain of the collateral ligaments.
• Chronic inflammation after operation or trauma.

• Collateral stabilisation of knee joint prevents valgus or varus deviation.
• Prevent hyperextension.
• Closed cell neoprene with compressive and proprioceptive effect.

How to Wear:
• Position with hinged axis in line with kneecap so as not to allow hyperextension.
• Fasten tabs at rear and thread straps through buckle and secure at rear.
• Adjust and fasten front straps.

Washing Instructions:
Wash in cold water, gentle cycle and mild soap. Do not dry clean or tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not use bleach. Dry in an air current, and do not expose this brace to any heat source.

Fibre Content:
• 75% Neoprene Blend
• 25% Nylon

Sizing Chart:

Measure around knee joint.


30 - 33cm


33 - 36cm


36 - 40cm


40 - 42cm



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