Electric Adjustable Change Tables

Change Table

At InterAktiv Health, we have the highest quality treatment tables crafted for the Change Tables to optimise your treatment and offer a pleasant experience to your clients. We have Change tables that are built to last and created assist in daily living needs

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We understand the importance and conveience a Change Table can make in a home or clinical environment and it is an important investment, we have robust and practically designed options available. Browse through our collection today to discover Change tables with features for convenient use. 

Change Table

Are you planning to invest in a Change table?

We have Change tables in a selection of sizes to suit the requirements of your particular needs. With our range of Change tables, we sure to have table to suit most applications in both clinical and home care settings ensuring the best possible experience to your patients.

Choose from a Wide Range of Change Table

Our Change tables are created to significantly improve the results of your sessions. With our range, you can offer unparalleled assistance in the daily needs of participants. The height of the tables can be easily adjusted, and the surface is padded for enhanced comfort. The design of the table eliminates the risk of falling. The tables are easy to clean so that you can maintain the highest level of hygiene.

Change Tables with a Professional Finish

We have Change Tables that are built to offer stability and enable free movement. The premium upholstery of the Change beds ensures improved hygiene and patient comfort.

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What are the steps to consider when choosing a Change table?

Choosing a Change table is an important decision. Make sure to consider the following factors when purchasing a table for your medical facility.

  • The height range the table moves between
  • The stability of the table and the weight capacity
  • Does the table have saftery rails
  • Is the Change Table compatible with Patient Lifting Hoist
  • The width of the table
  • Cost of the Change table
  • Maintenance requirement