Physiotherapy Treatment Table

At InterAktiv Health, we have the highest quality physiotherapy tables crafted to optimise your treatment and offer a pleasant experience to your clients. We have physiotherapy tables that are built to last and created to transform your setting into a professional and inviting room.

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We understand that if you are a physiotherapist, a physio bed is an important investment and we have robust and practically designed options available. Browse through our collection today to discover physiotherapy tables with features for convenient use. 

Physio Table

Are you planning to invest in a physiotherapy treatment bed?

We have physio treatment tables in a selection of sizes to suit the requirements of your practice. Our physiotherapy treatment tables are lightweight and durable, and there are options in elegant designs. With our range of physio tables, you can elevate your practice and ensure that you are able to extend the best possible experience to your patients. If you are keen to enhance your practice, explore our range of physio treatment tables to discover a superior range.

Choose from a Wide Range of Physiotherapy Table

Our physiotherapy examination tables are created to significantly improve the results of your sessions. With our range, you can offer unparalleled treatment to help your patients recover faster. Our physiotherapy examination tables are suitable for a wide range of treatments and make the ideal choice for all types of environments. The height of the tables can be easily adjusted, and the surface is padded for enhanced comfort. The design of the table eliminates the risk of falling. The tables are easy to clean so that you can maintain the highest level of hygiene. Choose from our physiotherapy examination tables of different configurations to find the most suitable one for your practice.

Physio Beds with a Professional Finish

We have physio beds that are built to offer stability and enable free movement. The premium upholstery of the physio beds ensures improved hygiene and patient comfort. Every aspect of the design makes use of modern techniques so that you can find the physiotherapy treatment beds that best work for your practice.

Portable Physio Table

At InterAktiv Health, we also have portable physio tables that make the perfect option for therapists on the move. The physio tables are lightweight and easy to move, with features for comfort and convenience. We have a competitively priced range and are confident that you will be able to find portable physio tables that best work for you.


What are the steps to consider when choosing a physiotherapy table?

Choosing a physiotherapy table is an important decision. Make sure to consider the following factors when purchasing a table for your medical facility.

  • The number of sections that the table has
  • The stability of the table and the weight capacity
  • Is the table height adjustable
  • The width of the table
  • Cost of the physio table
  • Maintenance requirement