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Electric Treatment Examination Tables and Couches Australia

Wide range of specially designed electrically adjusted medical beds, tables and couches to aid the medical profession whilst providing comfort and assurance to the patient. Select from Australian made Healthtec or economically range we have your needs covered. Call 1300 720 912 Treatment tables, Therapy tables, treatment beds, treatment couches, examination beds, examination tables, examination couches, physiotherapy beds, podiatry chairs, cardiology scanning bed, gynaecological chairs, doctors beds, osteopathy tables, beauty beds, massage tables, spa treatment beds, Ultrasound scanning, special procedure chairs, dialysis chair, rehabilitation, Chiropractor tables, Sports Medicine,Healthtec, Athlegen, Meddco, Pacific Medical, AMA Products, Whiteley All Care, OPC, Team medical, abco, warner webster, forme medical,dalcross, ausmedsupply,