Civco Transducer Soaking Cup

$345.00 AUD 
(GST Included)
SKU: C610-584

This newly designed lightweight soaking cup provides a safe and efficient soaking system for transvaginal and transrectal ultrasound transducers. This product now offers a larger blue funnel for use with larger style endocavity transducers. The soaking cup kit includes a 12" x 5" high-density polyethylene cup, lid, mounting hardware and contoured funnels for smaller transducers with a width of 2.2cm (.88") and a new funnel for larger transducers with a width of 2.7cm (1.08"). The larger funnel is now colored blue for easy identification. The contoured funnel prevents transducers from hitting the bottom of the cup, saving costly damage to the lens of the transducer. The soaking cup holds up to 120 fluid ounces of disinfecting liquid and will accommodate two endocavity transducers measuring up to 22.9cm (9") in length. When not in use, the lid is provided to prevent unpleasant fumes and evaporation of disinfectant or sterilizing solutions. The cup is recommended for use with glutaraldehyde cold chemical disinfecting/sterilizing solutions, including the Cidex® and MetriCide® families of disinfecting solutions. It is recommended the cup, lid and funnels are replaced when the disinfectant expires. Replacement cups, lids and funnels are sold separately.

Item # 610-584- Starter Kit with bracket, poly cup, lid, smaller white funnel, larger blue funnel and mounting hardware