FootLogics Workmate Orthotics

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Orthotic Insoles for work boot and shoes.

For many people work means standing or walking for long hours, often on hard unforgiving surfaces like concrete or tiles. Whether you are a nurse, chef, teacher, retail manger or assistant, or work in the building industry your feet will suffer! And standing all day, not only affects your feet! It can also lead to aching legs, knees – even low back pain.

  • developed by Australian podiatrists
  • mild biomechanical arch support
  • maximum walking comfort!
  • gel heel cushioning under the heel and ball of the foot
  • comfortable velours top layer
  • supports the arch and re-aligns the feet and legs
  • helps relieve tired, aching feet and legs
  • full-length, suitable for all types of work boots and work shoes, including nurses shoes