Healthtec Dynamic Standing Frame- Large

$1,450.00 AUD 
(GST Included)
SKU: 93160

Dynamic Standing Frames

Healthtec Dynamic Standing Frames are minimal support devices, designed to enable limited movement in all directions to enhance the users standing and balance.


Dynamic Standing Frame Brochure


  • adjustable heel strap,
  • vertical adjustable knee strap,
  • variable supportive pads providing total pelvic support 
  • optional posterior buttock adjustment 
  • non-slip rubber mat.
  • Maximum Patient Load: 60kg
  • Minimum Working Height: 800mm
  • Maximum Working Height: 1050mm
  • Heel Strap: Adjustable
  • Rubber Mat: Non-slip
  • Pelvic Support : Variable supportive pads providing total pelvic support


Healthtec dynamic standing frame, paediatric standing frame, standing frame for children with disabilities