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Nasal Speculum-Riester ( Fibre Optic)


Riester Nasal Speculum

Controlled expansion of speculum with gradual turning of screw adjuster or Rapid expansion by pressing down on screw adjuster. 

Swiveling and removable lens with 2.5x magnification.

High quality fibre optic light wave conductor for optimum light transmission.

Used in combination with LED bulb it will provide cool examination light similar to daylight.


Bayonet fitting for fast and secure fitting to handle.

Casing made from lightweight sturdy ABS plastic for long service life.

Simple globe exchange/change out at the base of the instrument head.

Cat# RI10575 LED 3.5V

Cat# RI 10537 XL 3.5v ( Xenon)

Cat# RI 10536 XL 2.5V ( Xenon)



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