Pacific Premium Variable Height Chiropractic Adjusting Table

$6,399.00 AUD 
(GST Included)

The Pacific Premium Adjustable Chiropractic Table is the perfect tool for chiropractors. Its electric height adjustable feature an manual cocking drop, lumbar drop and pelvic drop provide adjustable comfort and support for patients. With its reliable construction and adjustable features, this table is an essential for chiropractic practice.

Pacific Chiropractic Adjusting table Electric Height Adjustable with 4 drop sections.

This electric hi-lo Chiropractic table is our new premium table. Operated by foot-switch with a column lift, it allows the table to go directly up and down in a straight line.
The Thoracic, Lumbar and Pelvic drops are cocked by foot activation with the cervical hand operated. The tensioning is done by hand. This allows easy activation for the doctor.  

Pacific Premium Variable Height Adjusting Table Features:

  • Electric operation from low to high with foot-switch 60 – 80cm
  • Adjustable angle of cervical Tilt -20Deg to +25Deg
  • Adjustable cervical lateral rotation.
  • Adjustable angle of Cervical Lateral Rotation
  • Adjustable angle of thoracic 0Deg to +25Deg
  • Adjustable angle of lumbar 0Deg to +30Deg
  • Adjustable angle of pelvic 0Deg to +30Deg
  • Angle of seat rest:0Deg to+10Deg
  • Angle of backrest:0Deg to+25Deg
  • Luxurious soft and comfortable head section
  • Sleek design with rounded frame legs for safety
  • Leg extension
  • Adjustable front feet for uneven surfaces
  • Easy move wheel system for safety and mobility
  • T Motion motor
  • Padding thickness 7.5cm
  • Upholstery width: 53cm
  • Foam Density 110g/m2
  • Overall Table length 188cm
  • Overall Width 62cm
  • SWL 225kgs


  • 5 years structural
  • 3 years electrical

Certification: CE, FDA/93 42 EEC, ISO13485,
Upholstery: Heavy duty PVC vinyl that is fire, stain, mildew, oil, water and wear resistant