Purifas PillowGuard Recyclable

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Purifas PillowGuard Recyclable

Purifas recyclable PillowGuard is a medical grade pillow protector that exudes comfort and can be easily and quickly replaced between each client.

Saliva and water resistant, with bacteria filtering properties the PillowGuard Recyclable reduces the risk of infections that comes with shared pillows.

Packaged in a box of 25 units, the benefits of using the recyclable PillowGuard include:

  • It’s resistant to both saliva and water
  • Its bacteria filtration properties greatly reduce the risk of any infection being passed between clients
  • It’s durable but also soft and noiseless
  • It fully encases the pillow, protecting the entire pillow and extending its lifespan, and
  • It’s 100% recyclable
  • 30gsm polypropylene for comfort and durability
  • Made from recyclable non-toxic materials
  • Fits up to 50cm x 70cm pillows