PML2 LED Examination Lamps on Mobile Base

$438.90 AUD 
(GST Included)

6 Watt LED Examination/ procedure Lamp

The PML2 LED examination light has 6 powerful LED’s offering powerful illumination and great value. It provides white light for better colour rendition and easier diagnosis and treatment. With a small light head with integrated handle it is easy to move without blocking the vision of the operator. The flexible goose neck allows positioning in a diverse range of angles for optimal illumination of the work area. A stepless dimmer control allows the operator to set the precise illumination required for each use without being constrained to factory preset levels and the heat free LED provides bright white light for up to 50,000 hours of operation.

It is designed for use in Consulting Rooms, Recovery Areas, Emergency Rooms, Gynaecology Examinations & Minor Surgical Procedures.


  • Powerful long-life LED with up to 50,000 hours of operation
  • Low energy consumption
  • IR and heat free cold white light
  • Small light head with integrated handle
  • Cooling through a heatsink so no fans or moving parts
  • Superb colour rendering
  • Mobile base and wall mount provided with every light


  • Light Source: 6W LED
  • Light Intensity: 78,000 Lux @ 30cm / 40,000 Lux @ 50cm / 20,000 Lux @ 100cm
  • Light Field Diameter: 70-200mm
  • Colour Temperature: 4,500-5,500K
  • Lamp Head Diameter: 80mm
  • Base Diameter: 530mm
  • Base Height: 790mm
  • Gooseneck: Length 760mm
  • Total Height: 1,815mm

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