Scissors- SuperCut Metzenbaum

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SKU: AS3254


SuperCut Metzenbaum Scissors

Offer unrivalled quality and cutting ability. All SuperCut Scissor are manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel resulting in significantly sharper with super fine precision.

The blades are designed to have micro-serrations on the lower blade with the upper blade has a razor sharp end, combined they offer effortless tissue cutting with no slippage.


HIPP - Superior Theatre (Germany)

ARMO - Superior



Tip Profile Image Product Size HIPP   ARMO   Description
11cm S1.051.11   AS3250   blunt/blunt curved baby
14cm S1.051.14   AS3254   blunt/blunt curved
14cm S1.050.14   AS3253   blunt/blunt straight
18cm S1.061.18   AS3258   blunt/blunt curved
18cm S1.060.18   AS3257   blunt/blunt straight