SX2 Scanning Couch, taking the back work out of Ultrasound Scans

SX2 Scanning Couch, taking the back work out of Ultrasound Scans

Latest design for the Ultrasound Imaging & Diagnostic Clinics this couch provides a comfortable working environment for both the sonographer & the patient.

Industry feedback has lead to the design of the SX2 Ultrasound Trolley to improve WH&S whilst maintaining a comfortable working position for both the sonographer and patient.

Issues that sonographers were experiencing included assisting patients to get on or off the scanning couch, particularly when they are laying flat. Also unlocking mechanical brake locks in order to move the couch was proving to be a problem. This included using their toes to kick brake tabs to unlock or having to press down hard on levels to engage mechanical central locking, this can be quite difficult particularly when their is a patient on the couch which can lead to W,H&S concerns.

The SX2 Trolley has a low minimum height provides excellent access for patients with limited mobility or for wheelchair transfers, while the working height can easily be adjusted to assist with patient positioning together with upholstery width that helps reduce fatigue on the sonographer.

The electrically operated backrest aids patient positioning during scans, particularly with finer adjustments, whilst aiding in patients alighting from the bed.

The unique electrically operated central locking wheels mean each 100mm diameter castors are locked and unlocked at the touch of a button. No more 'kick brake' mechanism or mechanically levels, simply and effortless touch of a button and the SX2 can be manoeuvre within the rooms or used as a patient transport trolley.

The SX2 unique design means that it can be used in even the smallest of rooms as it transits between its lowest to highest position within it own foot print.

Supplied with a paper towel dispenser for a hygienic working surface.

Ideal for:

  • Medical imaging
  • Ultrasound scanning
  • Consulting rooms
  • Specialist 

List of Features:

  • All Electric functions
  • X-Frame lift action minimises pinch and crush points
  • Heavy duty Electric Central Locking castors
  • Durable powder coated rust resistant frame
  • High quality anti-microbial vinyl & CFC free foam
  • Australian designed & manufactured



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