Wireless Ultrasound- Changing the landscape of P.O.C diagnostics

Wireless Ultrasound- Changing the landscape of P.O.C diagnostics

Technology marches on... and Ultrasound is getting smaller and more portable, adding convenience to point of care diagnostics.


The new series II  Wireless Linear Scanner have been upgraded to include adjustable frequency transducers providing selectable scanning depths to improve the diagnostic flexibility.  

Simple to use with any Smartphone or tablet via an App based software and this go anywhere Ultrasound is ready within seconds for that immediate scanner whether that be in the field, clinic or ward round.

Download the Wireless US app to iPhone, iPad or smart phone for a convenient, compact, transportable Ultrasound that can be applied to many applications:

  • MSK
  • POC
  • Small Parts
  • Abdominal

Features Include

  • 8 TGC
  • Adjustable Dynamic range
  • Switchable Speckle reduction
  • Frequency – now selectable.
  • Button controls on the probe reducing physical interaction with tablet.


Available in:

  • 3.5- 5.0Mhz Convex probe with 6cm, 35 degree radius
  • 7.5-10.0Mhz Linear probe with 45mm field of view 
  • 10.0-12.0Mhz Linear probe with 25mm field of view

 Available from: InterAktiv Health

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