Purifas Disposable bed Sheet and Head Pads

Purifas range of disposable bed sheet and head pads for improved clinic hygiene yet provide maximum patient comfort. Australian designed and developed providing hygiene solutions that are proven in both clinical health protection and comfort for patients and clients.

Available in:

  • Purifas Bodyshield - bed sheet rolls that provide the ultimate in client protection. It’s soft, smooth and completely noiseless during use, and offers unrivalled comfort.100% recyclability, our BodyShield is resistant to blood, water and saliva.
  • Purifas Faceshield - head pads that offers unrivalled comfort and protection clients love. It’s the world’s first and only head barrier that provides 100% face hole coverage and is clinically and scientifically proven to reduce the transmission of bacteria
  • Pillow Guard - Durable and soft, recyclable Pillow Guard is a medical grade pillow protector that can be easily and efficiently replaced (and recycled) between clients.

    Saliva and water resistant, and with bacterial filtering properties, our PillowGuard Recyclable reduces the risk of infection from a shared pillow.