Exercise Steps- 4 Steps

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Rehabilitation Exercise Stairs 4 steps with Fixed hand Rails The perfect blend of safety and stability, these steps offer an ideal environment for rehabilitating individuals. The fixed hand rails provide added support and security while using the Steps, making it easier to focus on the rehabilitation process.

Solidly constructed. Made with steel frame, white melamine sides and wooden steps.

Each step is carpeted to provide a natural feel and appearance.

Aluminium nose tread on the leading edge to prevent wear. Rubberised surface option available.

Four 15cm risers onto platform  60 cm above floor level.

  • Step width: 67cm
  • Step tread: 30cm
  • Platform size: 67cm x 67cm (can be optioned up in length)
  • Handrails: Stainless steel, 90cm above platform, adjustable height handrails (in 8 cm increments-2x up, 4x down from 90cm)              
  • Dimensions: 75cm W x 200cmL x 150cm H
  • Weight: 90kg (120kg on pallet)
  • Shipping size: 170cm L x 90cm W x160cm H 



  • Rubber surface for hygiene
  • Wide version at 90cm wide
  • Retractable castors for ease of relocation
  • Dual height fixed hand rail