Treatment and Examination Tables

Examination Table

Are you looking for an examination table?

At InterAktiv Health, we have a wide selection of examination tables designed for use in medical facilities and clinics. Our range of examination tables offers a hygienic and comfortable surface for patients during procedures, examinations, and consultations. The examination tables are equipped with adjustable features for convenient patient positioning, and there is cushioning for comfort. We have different types of examination tables available to ensure that you find the most suitable one for your clinic. If you are planning to invest in an examination table, check out our range today.

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Medical Examination Table

Our selection of medical examination tables are a combination of strength, reliability, and elegance. Our products offer a robust platform, and we have medical examination tables of varying capabilities to accommodate your needs. We take pride in offering an exceptional range of examination tables for the convenience and comfort of the practitioner and the patient. We have sturdy options available for practical positioning. Explore our range of medical examination tables today to find the most suitable one for your medical centre.

Electric Examination Table

We are at the forefront of innovation and quality and have easy-to-use electric examination tables that provide optimal stability and can be easily adjusted. With just the press of a button, the angle and height of the electric examination table can be changed. All our electric examination tables are manufactured from quality components and adhere to the highest standards of quality. The tables have a high level of stability, and the control features provide easy adjustment of height and tilt functions.

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Are you interested in buying examination tables from our range?

We have a huge range and will be happy to assist you in making an informed choice. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our examination tables, feel free to reach out to us. We are confident that you will find a table that lasts long and is easy to maintain. Check out our range today.


What is an examination table?

An examination table is an essential piece of furniture that is designed to provide a safe and comfortable surface to patients during a medical examination or procedure. The adjustable features of the table make it easy for medical practitioners to perform examinations easily.

What are the factors to consider when buying an examination table?

There are different types of medical examination tables available, and it is important to consider the following factors when buying one for your medical facility.

  • Consider the purpose and where the examination table will be used.
  • Check the features of the examination table so that you can buy one that best works for you.
  • Ensure that the table is easy-to-use
  • hygiene is a vital consideration so make sure that the table easy to clean and maintain.