Cello Adept Wipes 40cm X 33cm - 70/ Box

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Cello Adept Wipes 

The Cello Adept Wipes are the ultimate solution for your cleaning needs. Made from high-quality materials, these dry wipes are exceptionally absorbent and come in a large size of 40cm X 33cm. The white color makes it easy to detect and evaluate the dirt and grime you have removed. Experience a hassle-free, efficient, and satisfying cleaning experience with Cello Adept Wipes.

The Cello Adept Wipes white colour makes it easy to detect and evaluate the dirt and grime you have removed, giving you the satisfaction of knowing your cleaning efforts are paying off.

Constructed from 100% cellulose, these wipes provide superior strength and durability. You can confidently clean with them without worrying about them tearing or disintegrating. The embossed design adds an extra touch of functionality, ensuring that dirt and liquid are captured effectively within the wipe's fibres.

One of the standout features of the Cello Adept Wipes is biodegradable. This convenience makes these wipes perfect for both commercial and residential settings, allowing you to efficiently dispose of them without any hassle.


Adept dry wipe,

  • white,

  • very absorbent

  • Latex Free

  • 100% cellulose,

  • Biodegradable

Cello Adept Wipes dimensions

40cm X 33cm - Dry Wipe


Box Quantity

70 per box